Our Application Process

member-applicationApplying for Membership

To live in Brighton Yards Housing Co-op, all individuals 18 years of age or older must be approved for membership by the Co-op’s Board of Directors.

Applications and information packages are available from the Co-op office. It is important to fill out application forms accurately and completely. Failure to do so could delay the processing of the application.

Once completed, the application forms may be returned to the Co-op office either in person or by mail.

*Note – We are not currently accepting applications for subsidy at this time.

Membership Interviews

Once your application has been received by the Co-op and following completion of a credit check, a representative of the Co-op’s Member Selection Committee will contact your household to arrange an interview.

The interview is quite informal. It provides the Co-op with an opportunity to find out a little about you and your family and for you to ask any questions you might have about Brighton Yards or about co-op living in general.

Prior to attending the interview, it is important that you review the information package which you received with your applications.

Following the interview, the Member Selection Committee will discuss the interview and make a recommendation regarding the approval of your application to the Board of Directors. Following the Board’s consideration of your application, a letter will be sent to your household advising your of their decision.

Membership Fee

Each Member of the Co-op is required to pay a one-time-only membership fee of $15.00. The fee is used to offset the administrative costs involved in the processing of your application. The fee is payable after approval for membership but prior to moving into the Co-op.

Housing Charges

Prior to move-in, member households are required to provide the Co-op with the first month’s housing charge (rent) and post-dated cheques for monthly housing charges to cover the remainder of the Co-op’s fiscal year.

While roommates in a unit may obviously share the costs, the Co-op requires that only one cheque per month, covering the entire housing charge, be provided.

Member Loan

Prior to move-in, each household must provide to the Co-op a member loan equal in amount to the 1st month’s housing charge. The member loan will be returned to the household (without interest) within 5 days following move-out less any monies owing to the Co-op for repairs, unpaid debts, etc.

Application Form

Contact Info

Karen Kurt – Coordinator

64 Peppler Street,
Waterloo, ON, N2J 4P7

(519) 886-9242



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