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ParticipationOne of the important benefits of co-op living is the opportunity for members to become actively involved in the life of the community. Participation in the co-op is also a requirement of membership. Residents can get involved in one or more of the co-op’s committees such as the Member Selection, Maintenance, Finance or Newsletter Committee. No special skills are required of participants. All that is needed is a desire to get involved and a willingness to learn.

A description of each of the existing committees at Brighton Yards is availabe by clicking on the button below. Please take the time to read this handout prior to completing the application. The Co-op will be interested in knowing how you would like to fulfill your participation requirements when considering your application.

Many of the major issues in the community are discussed and voted on at a series of Members Meetings. Generally, there are four such meetings a year. Attendance at Members Meetings is mandatory. It is important to the Co-op that all members’ opinions, ideas and concerns are voiced when major issues are dealt with in order to ensure the continued democratic nature of the organization.

One of the most common ways in which members participate in the Co-op is by joining a committee. The following outlines what will be involved.

What is the purpose of Co-op Committees?

The purpose of committees in a housing co-op is to advise the Board of Directors and the Members regarding by-laws, policies and procedures and to help plan and organize the management of the co-op.

Serving on committees provides members with the opportunity for direct involvement in the management of their community. By volunteering on a committee, members can share their skills and experience with other members as well as learning new skills.

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