TheresaTeresa Sheltra, recipient of COCHF 2015 Co-op Service Award.

Teresa has been an active member of the Brighton Yards community for 29 years. Over that period, she has given generously of her time and experience to both the co-operative and individual members. Teresa has served on a number of committees and takes on many projects, as recently as cleaning a vacant unit this past October. She pitches in whenever help is needed, often noticing problems before anyone else does and doing whatever it takes to fix them. At 91 years of age, Teresa shovels snow, cuts neighbours’ grass, weeds the community gardens, picks up litter and so much more. Over the years, she has been a best friend to many of the pets who have lived here; always ready with love, affection and treats.

For the children of Brighton Yards, Teresa is the communal grandmother. She listens to their stories and asks about their days. She is always ready with a laugh, a hug and sometimes popsicles on a hot day. Last year the entire community held a celebration for her 90th birthday. A box filled with handmade birthday cards from the children was her favourite gift.

Teresa is such a large part of who and what our community is; it is difficult to describe her contribution. For sure the community would be much less without her.