Welcome to Brighton Yards Housing Co-operative

Have you ever wondered about living in an Intentional Community???

Brighton Yards Housing Co-operative

A diverse 45 home community located in uptown waterloo
Vibrant, active and engaged membership
Member owned, member governed and member run
Safe, family friendly environment
Affordable and economically diverse
Sustainability focused

Imagine a home where neighbours come together to create the community they want to live in!!

At BYHC people of all ages and backgrounds work together to maintain safe, affordable housing in an engaging, rewarding community…. Children knock on one another’s doors and play together for endless hours in their safe outdoor space…. Neighbours gather together to share meals, music, ideas, work, laughs and tears in an inclusive and supportive environment…. Members share knowledge around sustainability and have an opportunity to participate in community gardening…. Community members come together to make decisions about their home….


About Co-ops

There are many kinds of co-operatives: food co-ops, co-op daycares, credit unions, retail co-ops, worker co-ops and housing co-ops. Any group of people can form a co-operative.


Application Process

Applications and information packages are available from the Co-op office. It is important to fill out application forms accurately and completely. Failure to do so could delay the application process.


Floor Plans & Rates

Visit this page to review and download the floor plans of our various units of our co-operative. You will also find details of our current member housing charges and all additional fees.